Sun Media Brian Lilley says get tough with China; of course, he means the Chicoms

The old guard of the Chicoms are basically corrupt. They are thieves, and power hungry, and jealous of America... now recently Canada. They think that this pipsqueak nation has resources they desire and they are going after it any which way they can. Soft well, money, attractive girls for politicians, and so forth.

For the past few years I have researched some things about China and have written several pieces on my weblog. If interested then type China or Chicoms or Spy in the top left searchbox and scroll down.

There were 15 to 20 servers in Taiwan connected to my weblog, and when I wrote a comment about the Chicoms more would connect. However, recently, none. I check my which indicates the number of clicks etc, There's a map that indicates where the connections to the weblog are in the world.

Have the Chcoms put me on their Red Flag list?

Brian Lilley of the Toronto Sun quoted Mitt Romney, who I agree with about China.

“China is playing by different rules. One, they’re stealing intellectual property. Number two, they’re hacking into our computer systems, both government and corporate, and they’re stealing by virtue of that as well,” Romney said.

Time has come to get tough with China - Brian Lilley, Toronto Sun