Provincial Sales Tax, In Alberta?

This PC government has to go!  It seems everything they're doing,they screw things up even with with a new Premier and cabinet.

A little more than a month since the leadership contest has gone by and we've seen blunder after blunder. Not that there weren't any blunders before, there certainly were, there were plenty but it certainly makes you miss steady Eddy Stelmach.

From flip flopping on when to call the Ledge back to  Premier Mom,Alison Redford's seeing no need to fight for the  Keystone XL pipeline, now her Finance Minister is musing about a provincial sales tax.

Finance Minister Ron Liepert  seems to think Albertans are open to a sales tax   Liepert was a disaster as Health and Wellness Minister, it looks like he's aiming to be a disaster as Finance Minister too.

 Liepert says the idea of a new provincial sales tax — long considered a politically toxic subject in Alberta — came up repeatedly during recent roundtable consultations with taxpayers.

Which Albertans was he talking to? Not this Albertan that's for sure!  And not any other Albertan I know either!  The idea of a PST is NOT a popular idea at all with Albertans so I don't know where he gets that from..

Wildrose leader, Danielle Smith points out on twitter why a PST for Alberta would be bad.

PC Sales Tax talk. This is what happens in behind-closed-door consultations with handpicked attendees. #wrp #ableg

Why I oppose a #PST: AB doesn't need new revenue to balance the books. It needs to stop spending so much. #wrp #ableg

Why I oppose a #PST: It hurts low income families. A $40K income family pays no income tax in AB. A 5% PST would cost them ~$2K. #wrp #ableg

 Make sure you contact Danielle about how you feel about a PST for Alberta.

I'd like to hear from you though. What do you think of the Redford Tories proposal for a provincial sales tax? #wrp #ableg #pst