Occupy Evictions

This morning as snow hit the lower mainland, Occupy Vancouver protesters were packing up their junk and putting it in storage for another day. They will leave peacefully, but their comrades in Occupy Toronto might be getting ready for a fight. Both have been ordered by the Courts to vacate public property, as freedom of expression does not include freedom to squat in public parks. While it is great that the law has finally taken action against these clowns, these evictions should have come when the first tents went up. Hopefully next time we'll learn our lesson and evict them on day one, and trust me there will be a next time. The hooligans who do this seem to very much enjoy civil disobedience.

Ironically last week CBC reported a "major victory" for Occupy Toronto when a judge delayed eviction notices to allow arguments to be presented. It did not take long for the judge to reach this decision. It was strange that the CBC reported a short delay of eviction notices as a major victory, especially considering the evictions were eventually upheld. Vancouver is dismantling peacefully, Toronto may be gearing up for a fight. I'm sure that has nothing to do with Vancouver having a left wing Mayor and Toronto having a right wing Mayor...

UPDATE: So after all that, the Occupy clowns in Vancouver didn't leave, they just moved a block away to the courthouse. Please, start arresting people.