News Flash: PC Party of Alberta Just Got a Little More Liberal

Coming soon to the PC Party of Alberta..?


I hate to be an "I told you so" kinda guy..  but..

It seems like just last week I was suggesting that our new Premier might be just a little bit cozy with the left side of the political spectrum, being praised along with NDP MP Megan Leslie for their visionary approach to the energy industry (Alison things a National Energy program would be a great idea).


Color me completely unsuprised by the announcement today that Liberal MLA Bridget Pastoor has crossed the floor and joined the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta.

Apparently Alison Redford is quite pleased with this new addition of yet another Liberal to the PC Party of Alberta, according to the Calgary Herald.


In a completely related story:
Alberta projecting $3.1 billion deficit

Finance minister raises possibility of restoring health-care premiums to raise revenue

With the province facing an estimated $3.1-billion deficit this year, largely due to declining resource and investment income, Liepert suggested his department is looking at a variety of ways to improve the books — perhaps even by restoring health-care premiums.

“With all that is going on with the global (uncertainty), it’s going to be a challenge over the next couple of years to get the budget balanced,” Liepert said. “There are some tough choices ahead.”

Tough choices like buying the PC Leadership by giving over $107 million in taxpayer dollars to already amply paid Alberta Teachers?

There is a reckoning coming in this Province, and when it hits, you might expect that "Mr. I Told You So" will be back to say...  well..   "I told you so."

According to the Edmonton Journal Article,