The new Ontario minority Parliament may turn out alright

This article from the Toronto Star has given me the clearest vision, thus far, on how the new Liberal minority government can be made to work for the benefit of Ontarians.

Tim Hudak is pushing for the government to make some cuts and the Liberal government appears to be agreeing to work with the PC Party to bring forward such cuts. The rhetoric on both sides, in contrast the former federal minority Parliament, has been highly cooperative.

I was afraid that the PCs would see it as their mission to bring down the government, but instead they appear to be acting responsibly and are willing to work with the government to push for better policies.

All that being said, the Taxpayers Federation is right to say that both parties are being far too timid.

But for the first time I see a glimmer of hope that this new Parliament can actually do something, anything, to tackle the numerous problems now facing Ontario.