A new grit leader

Wow, i also think bob Rae will be the new grit leader. Though he comes with so much baggage. If he is leader he will be entirely the wrong message for the grits. It will show they have learned nothing from their huge defeat. The grits will have a leader who couldn't beat Stephane dion or iffy. bob Rae is despised in Ontario. I think I would be happy watching Rae and the grits sink together. Especially since this would upset catsmeat.

Some time ago, I jettisoned my crystal ball owing to its serial malfunctioning. But recently, while I was reading a book on table-rapper Mackenzie King, it reappeared in all its non-glory. Here’s what it said:

For lack of a better candidate, aging Bob Rae will become permanent leader of the Liberal Party and lead it back to respectability, though not victory. Mark Carney, the Bank of Canada governor celebrated on a magazine cover last week as “The Canadian Hired to Save the World,” will take over the Rae reins after the next election.