NDP "Whisper Campaign" Against Tom Mulcair?

Thomas Mulcair loves a good conspiracy theory. Now he believes that he's the victim of a "whisper campaign" among his NDP colleagues speculating that he has a bad temper. There is allegedly a "movement" against his leadership bid coming from within, and he's not happy about it! Is the source of this smear campaign "the front runner" Brian Topp? As Mulcair puts it, that's for the membership to decide. Considering he's being accused of having a bad temper, he certainly comes off as aggravated in the interview with left wing journalist Barbara Yaffe. (an aside: you might remember Barbara Yaffe from her op-ed in Nov 2009 fawning over the hiring of Donolo to run Ignatieff's campaign. As she put it, "he will almost certainly make a huge difference to Ignatieff's fortunes as leader." How did that work out Barb?)

Anyway, back to Mulcair. My advice to him is to relax. The NDP is a party currently built on the inherent likability of their leader. Coming off as "angry man" isn't going to deter the "whispers" coming from within his own party. That being said, as a Tory I will take pleasure in watching the NDP infighting over the drive to replace Layton.

Stay calm Tommy boy...