National Newswatch Censors Story Critical Of Michael Moore

I admit to being a bit surprised to see National Newswatch actually having a link to an editorial critical of lefty Michael Moore, the guy who rallies against capitalism while counting his millions in his 10,000 square foot lakefront (summer) home. I wasn't the least bit surprised to see NNW pull the link to the story a short time after. For those who missed it here is a link to the actual story.

That's one monster of a home for a guy who thinks of himself as one of the little guys. Then again, it makes sense that someone with that big an ego would need that much space to put it in. Of course he might even be the biggest hypocrite on the planet. Wonder if his pal Al Gore drops by to roast marshmallows on the fire every now and then.

Update: NNW now has the story on the right hand bar. Well worth reading. The taxes on that summer home are almost $16000 for the summer season. To put it in perspective, that's slightly less than someone earning minimum wage in Ontario.