Miracle Man — Dr.Dr. Feng-Shan Ho — humble and compassionate...

There are wonderful human beings, who are humble and heroic, that few know about until a journalist such as Joe O'Connor of the National Post hears and reads about them, then informs us. I only found out about this humanistic gentleman today.

Many Jews, thousands, were saved in Austria with the assistance of Consul General of China, Feng-Shan Ho, who had many Jewish friends, his granddaughter said on the radio.

Miracle man: How one Chinese diplomat saved thousands of Jews from the death camps _ Joe O'Connor, National Post

Dr. Ho devoted one sentence of a 700-page Chinese language memoir he published in 1990 to the Viennese visa scheme. What he omitted is a Hollywood blockbuster that has never been made.

For two years, he issued visas. Five hundred a month on average, despite being ordered to stop by his superiors and being evicted from the building housing his office by the Germans. Dr. Ho opened a new office, and paid for it out of his own pocket when his Chinese boss in Berlin shut off the money tap. He kept issuing visas until he was transferred out of Austria in 1940. He died in California in 1997, having never met the people he helped save, beyond a fleeting, life-giving encounter in Vienna

Humanitarian Diplomat Feng-Shan Ho

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