Liberal hack comments on?..

The dying separatist movement.But only to bashHM Canadian government. The liberal part hack seems to forget why the separatist movement came back to life the 1982 Constitution Act signed without Quebec. The grits are an irrelevance n Quebec politics. The Tories recognized Quebec as a nation within a united Canada and has continued a policy of letting provinces be more in charge of their constitutionally mandated responsibilities. The liberal hack talks about the massive Quebec welfare state, yet forgets to mention the billions Quebeckers receive in equalization to maintain this unsustainable nanny state. He credits this for the pq decline but sees it as a reason why the Tories are alienating Quebec. Perhaps the liberal hack from Quebec should acknowledge that the policies of HM Canadian Government are backed in much of the country. Support for the changes to Royal of the Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Airforce had a lot of backing .Perhaps the liberal hack from Quebec should realize that all policies should be enacted to please Quebec. Perhaps the liberal hack should notice that Quebeckers decided to exclude themselves from the cabinet table. Pandering to Quebec has been the grit modus operandi. The rest of Canada is tired of this as was evidenced by the blue wave in the rest of Canada. Quebec separatism is a preoccupation of the gray haired. Support for this option has fallen below 34% among young people. Separatism may not be dead, but it is quite wounded and there is no doctor in sight.