Interesting Comment

I was listening to the Mike Slater show (Young Conservative) on Sirius Patriot and a caller made an interesting comment. He was a slightly older guy and he said that things have changed a lot. He said something like "It used to be that when people were elected, they were elected based on what they said they WOULDN'T do. But now people elect them based on what the politicians say they will DO for them".

That really does seem true. I can hear in my mind politicians of the past saying that they would not do this, would not do that (anything from getting involved in union politics, farting around with personal lives, etc). But now it's all about what they will do for you. For certain groups. Lobby-d by other groups to 'guide' them in their direction. Voters on tv looking for who will put more into medicare for them, or more into welfare, or even who will raise/lower taxes, etc etc. On and on it goes on both sides of the political spectrum. So much for limited govt involvement.

I just found it interesting and worth further thought - how things have changed even in the last 40 years regarding how we elect our politicians, and why.