Entertaining notes on inequality by David Brooks.

Especially this one:
Status inequality is acceptable for college teachers. Universities exist within a finely gradated status structure, with certain schools like Brown clearly more elite than other schools. University departments are carefully ranked and compete for superiority.

Status inequality is unacceptable for high school teachers. Teachers at this level strongly resist being ranked. It would be loathsome to have one’s department competing with other departments in nearby schools.

Not mentioned is pension inequality, but there was a good column by Jonathan Chevreau on this a few weeks ago in the National Post. Apparently the average hard-working Canadian would need about $2 million in their RRSP to be on a par with public sector union workers and their DB pension plans. Presumably the gap is the same in the US and the rest of the world's advanced welfare economies.

Also not mentioned is inequality in productivity, like 20% of the work force producing 80% of the value added. But that's something only fiscally conservative oddballs would even notice . . .