A History Channel Thanksgiving

This has not been a great season of South Park, but their most recent episode "a History Channel Thanksgiving" was good for a hearty laugh. It pokes fun at what is now considered "history" on the History Channel, such as the show Ancient Aliens which speculates extra terrestrial involvement in pretty much every significant event of human history. The episode also ridicules the people who pass for experts on some of these outlandish documentaries. Was the first Thanksgiving catered by aliens? You decide!

Personally I used to be a big fan of the History Channel but rarely watch their regular programming anymore. Brad Meltzer's Decoded had potential, but I've been watching that and it's a joke. They rarely figure out anything substantive and they are too easily seduced by conspiracy theories. Was the Statue of Liberty intended as a symbol of devil worship? Stay tuned! Did a cult in the Southern USA successfully predicted the end of the world? Maybe! We'll find out when the sun explodes! The channel has made some terrible programming decisions. Ice road truckers? How far can you pushed this? Seriously? One episode was all that anyone needed to see.

Fact and Film is always fun, and most of their military programing is well done; but there is a lot of crap on the History Channel these days. That was the basis for the latest episode of South Park.