Fire Marc Mayrand!!!

I have Ben saying this for some time. He is biased against the Tories and in love with the grits and dippers. He needs to be stripped of his job and put out to pasture. I'm sure the grateful grits would give him a job.

Brian Lilley agrees:
So did you hear Elections Canada got those guys at the top of a federal political party to admit they broke the law?

Nope, I’m not talking about the Conservatives and their “in-and-out” case.

I’m talking about the NDP.

See, back in the summer when Jack Layton died, the NDP solicited donations in Jack’s memory for the Broadbent Institute, a yet-to-be-established, left-wing think-tank.

The party also promised donors would get the 75% tax break they would expect if the donation was for a political party.

That is against the law.

The party collected thousands of dollars before it was pointed out it was breaking the Canada Elections Act.

The party stopped collecting money, but then a funny thing happened — Elections Canada did not immediately begin investigating.

It waited for a complaint.

It did eventually investigate the NDP, but unlike when it investigated the Conservative Party over claims of illegal election spending, there was no tip-off to the media, no calls to tell people to show up with cameras at the same time as investigators arrived.

In fact, there was no notice given that anything had been done at all until a decision was posted in the Canada Gazette, the government’s official publication for laws, decisions and government orders.

The NDP admitted it broke the law, sections 405 and 497 of the Elections Act, and for doing so it escaped prosecution.

Instead, it got a “compliance agreement.”