A Failure To Stand Up For Alberta, OR Our #$%#$ Lefty Premier

Our new lefty premier just doesn't get Albertans. Is she really from Alberta? Does she not understand what makes Alberta prosperous? Guess not.

CALGARY - Alberta Premier Alison Redford said she's not going to lobby Washington decision-makers to give a stamp of approval to the controversial Keystone XL pipeline......

"It's not my intention and never has been my intention to go and specifically lobby decision-makers in the process because that's not how the process works," said Redford. "I do believe that this is a process that Americans have to go through, to decide what they want to come to be.
"We are going to very clearly tell the story that this matters to Alberta and we think that we can speak to our experience with respect to regulations and pipelines."
Liberal lefty spewing on, and on about nothing, and the problem is that she is serious. Don't make waves by actually PROMOTING Alberta. A "process"?  How polite, how destructive to Alberta's oil industry. "Tell the story"? Is she serious? Lady, it's not a "story", it is the livelihood of thousands of Canadians, not just Albertans. We have the oil, the US wants oil and have the capacity to process it, why wouldn't you go there and promote our ethical oil over the middle east blood oil? What a wash out you are already. Bring back Eddy, at least he was smart enough to know he needed advisers to help him, Alison thinks she is smart enough to do everything on her own, or by listening to US advisers. Typical liberal thinking.

The new premier has taken intense criticism from Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith, who insists Redford should have travelled to Washington for the final keystone hearing on Oct 7.
Redford was sworn in as premier on Oct. 7, and said Smith is merely an “armchair quarterback.”
“I think it’s easy to sit back and say ‘you should have done this you should have done that.’ What I know is that before I made this sort of decision I took advice from people who are in leadership roles in Washington,” said Redford.
“I’m very confident in the advice that I’ve received with respect to that and I believe that this is exactly the right time to go.”
 Advise from Americans? Seriously? Is she that clueless? Sigh....she obviously is.

During four days of travelling starting in Washington Nov. 14, Redford will also stop over in New York Wednesday to speak about Alberta’s viable investment markets, while addressing environmental stewardship in Toronto Wednesday, wrapping up the week meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Ottawa Thursday.
“Part of what we need to be able to do when we’re in Toronto and in Ottawa is to be abel to set a tone for the fact that as a government we intend to do business differently with respect to federal/provincial relations,” she said.
 We intend to do business differently? How? Hey, Alison, Toronto is not the center of the universe, are you going to pander to it? Ottawa just wants our money, how are you going to ensure that we get to keep more of ours? Big talk, no actual plan, or is she keeping it secret from Albertans?

There is nothing Conservative about our new premier-elect, she is a lefty from head to toe. Thanks to the PC's stupid membership rules, the Liberals/NDP/Greens voted in a useless Liberal premier. Last election of a leader, I voted. This time I couldn't care less, because I will not be voting PC in the next election, I will be voting Wildrose. I just hope that Alison doesn't permentally damage our relationship with the federal government and the US in the meantime. She thinks she's smarter than Ed, but I suspect that she is just another arrogant Liberal pretending to be a Conservative. She is in for a huge shock, think Kim Campbell, next election!

Alison, go to the US, shout out to anyone who will listen, that Alberta is open for business. Tell them that the pipeline will provide American jobs. Oh, why do I bother, she's tone deaf to Conservatives.