Dragon's Den Kevin O'Leary is pro Mitt Romney for President of U.S.A...

Wealthy Kevin O'Leary, of The Dragon's Den, said on John Tory's show that Romney is a smart man and would make a fine president. Romney was an investor or vice versa with O'Leary for 8 years. O'Leary said that Romney had to give in a little as Governor, because the state was mainly democrats and it was unusual that the Gov would be Republican then.

O'Leary Funds

Kevin O'LearyMr. O’Leary is the Chairman of O’Leary Funds and is an investor and cast member in the Dragon’s Den on the CBC television network, Shark Tank on ABC and the Discovery Channel’s Project Earth. He was co-founder and President of SoftKey Software Products Inc. (“SoftKey”), a TSX listed company. In the mid-1990’s SoftKey moved headquarters to Boston, listed on the NYSE and changed its name to The Learning Company. Mr. O’Leary remained President until the company was acquired by Mattel Inc. for $4.2 billion in 1999. He is also an investor and director of Stream Global Services Inc., a business services company listed on the American Exchange; on the executive board of The Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario; and Chairman of the investment committee of Boston’s 107 year old Hamilton Trust.

Should Mr. Romney win, perhaps Herman Cain would be an interetsing VP, or some important role in government; then there's Allen West as a possible Vice President, preparing him for later presidency.

Obama's diabolical advisers — Axelrod, Soros, Ayers, Reverend Wright, and Oprah — are not pleased because they cannot describe Republicans as racists.

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