The Death Of Occupy Vancouver

While I can't speak for all Occupy camps near you, judging by what's been going on at Occupy Vancouver, this so called "movement" is dying and will soon be at an end. This downward spiral of childish imbecility was entirely predictable when the decision was made right from day one to make it a permanent live in protest. You were sure to get big crowds on opening weekend with people of various left wing associations supporting any number of complaints against "the system", but you knew the people pitching tents would not be the sane and rational people from the original group. Some might call them the lunatic fringe, I prefer to call them clowns. In Vancouver it tends to be the same people, and I've seen their protests before.

Then, when the normal people went home to their jobs after their symbolic appearance on opening weekend, the people left speaking for the entire movement were the least desirable spokespeople you could possibly leave in charge. The inmates took over the asylum, and the tent city protests got substantial media coverage. Here's an idea, let's start a protest movement and leave the craziest among us in charge of it when we go home and see what happens! Now it has degraded to the point where they damned near need a mobile safe heroin injection site just to keep the protesters alive! There are a number of left wingers who are now frustrated, even angry, with the Occupy Vancouver protesters for taking legitimacy away from the original movement. People like my friend who initially supported the protest, but now believe it needs to be shut down because it has started hurting the cause.

If they won't leave peacefully. Make them leave. If the nuts throw temper tantrums, then deal with them accordingly. That's what tasers are for.