Conservative Member of Parliament Lois Brown and Minister Maxime Bernier are likable, enthusiastic and bright…



What a joyful time it was to see and hear enthusiastic politicians who truly enjoy politics and serving the public.

Citizens who do not get involved, take the time to meet politicians, even at their constituency offices, fail to appreciate that politicians are required, or else we have anarchy, people that have no idea or skill to run anything but run amok.

November 8th, I attended Member of Parliament Lois Brown’s riding invitation (not my riding) to meet and listen to Maxime Bernier Minister of State (Small Business and Tourism) from Beauce, Quebec, an hour from Quebec City. Lois brown and Maxime Bernier work together on the Red Tape Reduction Commission.

About a hundred people were present at RedCrest Bistro in Newmarket area.

Lois Brown wholeheartedly, as always, introduced me to Minister Bernier as a political blogger. I added that my weblog about foreign affairs and other topics is satirical, yet serious, and also read by journalists and media commentators. Maxime, we were on a first name basis after that, earnestly said he would check it out.

After the usual mingling, Lois spoke first, eloquently, about the federal government accomplishments in specific areas, which she and Maxime were involved with, to lesson the Red Tape for businesses.

Then energetic, joie de vivre, Maxime spoke. He said for Quebec, particularly his entrepreneurial riding, two things were important to him. 1.) Respect for the Constitution 2.) Lower taxes

However, Quebec is a poor province compared to the “Have” provinces. Not enough new businesses. They should welcome industries, but, of course, make it easier, mitigate the regulations by cutting much of the Red Tape and lowering taxes.

Red Tape hurts business, especially small businesses where the owners have to put in more time, as if they work for the government. Therefore, he is diligently working on short and long term goals to resolve obstacles and increase businesses.

Minister Bernier boldly said that the government is often the problem for growth.

The major setback nationally, however, is the deficit and debt. Though Canada is in far better shape than other countries and is a good place to do business there are many things that could be improved. Mainly balancing the budget.

He said the Conservative government is “Responsible and Pragmatic” regarding the economy.

And, there’s a big difference with a majority parliament. Things can be done.

I was the last person to ask him a question with some detail. It was about education and entrepreneurship. It should be taught in high schools and colleges. Hence, the federal government could set the guidelines which could be suggested to the provinces that are responsible for education. Perhaps a point system of sorts. The provinces and schools do not have to teach about financial literacy and business, small and large, but it would be added value. Even if students do not start businesses they might appreciate what is required.

Minister Bernier became more excited and said there was École d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce ( funded by private businesses. Lois Brown added that the government is helping out with programs in Financial Literacy.

After the speeches and Q & A it was back to mingling in the delightful RedCrest Bistro at the Cardinal Golf Club owned by Dalt Hicks, who also enjoys cigars. We chatted; then I left him to enjoy a stogie outside, because Ontario is a Nanny-State.

As I puffed away, I came to the conclusion Maxime Bernier has fine qualities. He was a businessman, a lawyer, still a lawyer Lois Brown said because the training never leaves one. Lois has proven her abilities and continues to do so, and she can think on her feet and comment without script.

Indeed, I like the Conservative Party team. And, Prime Minister Stephen Harper should be our leader for two more terms with a majority government.