Cherry declines RMC honorary degree

Concerned controversy may take away from "a special day," Don Cherry has declined an honorary degree from the Royal Military College.

"I can't accept the degree and I won't attend the convocation," Cherry said in an interview Friday about the Nov. 17 ceremony in Kingston. "I am sad because I was really looking forward to spending time with the 800 cadets."

Perhaps instead they can line up to get their picture taken with French Professor Catherine Lord.

It is because of her bizarre and vitriolic complaints that the legendary hockey coach and commentator wont be there. ...
Too bad Cherry bowed to the loony objections of one pc nitwit. I hope RMC faculty and cadets don't let Lord forget what a fruitcake they think she is.

P.S. "Catherine Lord" is listed among RMC faculty not as a "Professor" but as "Teacher, Second-Language".

Update: Hunter at 'Climbing Out Of The Dark' notes that RMC Language Centre Director, one JEJ Lord (LCol retired), is related to his underling language teacher.   (Thanks to Sean in the comments.)