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"The first line of defence for democracies is intelligence." Sir William S. Stephenson

The True Intrepid

James Bond is a fictional agent who prevents global threat. I enjoyed Ian Fleming’s novels about Bond and several films; especially with Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and the present one, Daniel Craig. But the spy game isn’t like the movies. John Le Carré ( former British intelligence officer David Cornwall), however, wrote fiction that was more accurate than text books.

From what I know, there are no Hollywood-style glories and big money lavished upon the agents. Not even gorgeous women. That’s why agents become turn-coats, double agents, occasionally triple.

Furthermore, Canada has been infiltrated by commies, Russian, Chinese and Cuban, as well as others, such as the Muslim Jihadis, from clerics in mosques to Islamic organizations, but no women or few.

Women are important in the modern spy world.

There have been attractive women from Russia and China unleashed upon naïve and not so attractive, lonely, or horny agents and politicians. Muslims generally utilize women as suicide bombers rather than secret agents, or for cheerleaders with high-pitched shrills with tongues flapping when Jews or other infidels are killed.

These days, democratic nations are in physical power struggles with the Muslim jihadis who believe in the “doctrine of the sword” and fight asymmetrical wars.

Whereas, the sophisticated efforts for control with Russia and China have accelerated and advanced to high technology and outer space.

The British have been more polished and successful, once or twice, starting with Sir Winston Churchill and the formation of intelligence in WWII.

However, there once was a suave Canadian spymaster who Canadians should be proud of: Sir William S. Stephenson (born in Winnipeg) with the code name “Intrepid”. The Quiet Canadian, a man of mystery and elegance, was close to Churchill and instrumental in setting up contacts and agents in North America and around the world. He established the secret WWII British Security Coordination, and said to be the real-life model for James Bond, stated journalist and author Bill MacDonald in “The True Intrepid”.

The lightweight boxing champion, WWI fighter pilot, scientist, inventor, industrialist and millionaire at the age of 30 also originated the idea of a new American intelligence organization, and encouraged Major General William J. (Wild Bill) Donovan, whose post-war fame was head of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), wrote Thomas F. Troy, former CIA Staff Historian. Wild Bill Donovan progressed to the formation of the CIA.

Spooks, information, and planting disinformation are essential for a crucial part of existence and victory. Knowledge is power.

Evidently, from the article “Time for Canada to up its spy game” by John Ivison of the National Post, there are rumours that the Conservative Canadian government is seriously interested in expanding the role of Canada’s spy.

Ivison stated, “There is no doubt that Canada has shown a certain naiveté when it comes to the spy game.”

Indeed, we need another Intrepid with octopus arms to juggle the enemies or strangle them with intelligence and counter-intelligence.

Time for Canada to up its spy game - John Ivison, National Post

Wild Bill and Intrepid: Donovan, Stephenson, and the Origin of CIA by Thomas F. Troy

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