Allison Redford Receives Praise from the Ottawa Citizen.. Albertans should worry.

Required Equipment for Rational Decision Making...
(Doris the Uterus)


If you didn't have enough cause for concern over the recent appointment of Alison Redford as Premier of Alberta by the Alberta Teachers' Association, you might want to have a nuanced look at an article today in the Ottawa Citizen.

The headline:  Two women bring a new energy

Who are these two women who walk, hand in hand, seeking to bring a "new energy" to the recent discussions regarding the oil industry in Canada?

Why, that would be Alberta's Premier, Alison Redford, and.. wait for this..  NDP MP Megan Leslie.


It's not April 1st.

The article by Susan Riley of the Ottawa Citizen praises Redford, because, among other things:
"...She  (Redford) praised Ontario's green energy innovations and urged the creation of a national strategy.."

URGING the creation of a National Energy Strategy?


When is the last time the Federal government decided that Alberta couldn't be trusted to manage it's own resources, and needed a national energy strategy?  Oh yeah, that would have been in 1980.

But, you may say, that wasn't a National Energy Strategy, that was a National Energy Program.

Now, how did that work out for Alberta, and in fact for the Country as a whole?

Oh yeah, it didn't.

Wide-spread bankruptcy, business loss, unemployment throughout Alberta - all so that Ottawa could take hold of our resources under the "national interest".

I remember graduating University in 1985 - and the Province was still reeling from that Ottawa power grab.  Remember Dome Petroleum?  You may have forgotten them - they were a huge player in the Canadian Oil Industry but basically went bankrupt in 1987.

All thanks to a "national energy strategy".. err..   ...program.

And who is Redford's partner in crime.. I mean, "praise".

Why that would be Megan Leslie, the NDP MP who has been in Washington lobbying against the construction of the keystone pipeline.

Isn't that special?

At the end of the article, Riley makes the comment that what we need is "less testosterone and more intelligence."


You know what one might suggest Alberta needs?

Less estrogen and more commitment to the interests of Albertans.  Of course that would be sexist now, wouldn't it..  but then, I'm just a stupid man. 

What do I know about anything but drinking beer and fixing cars?