What Do Occupy Canada Protests Hope To Accomplish?

This weekend will see the "occupy" protests move north of the border into Canada, despite this "movement" being unable to clarify exactly what their complaints are or propose solutions to fix any of the "problems" they're complaining about. It's coming to Canada despite the Canadian financial system being far more stable and reliable than the United States, with lower debt and better employment numbers. I'm trying to figure out exactly what these people are trying to accomplish, and how those objectives change with big labour jumping into the game. When the protesters start demanding massive increases in government spending, then you know the union leaders are pulling the strings. The last demand you can expect to see emerge from these demonstrations is reducing government spending. That's not why CUPE is paying to shuttle members to the protests by the bus load.

One activist on CTV news today was complaining that a major problem is too many people having an unsustainable debt load. Canada is becoming wealthier, and yet too many Canadians have more debt than they can afford. Clearly the cause of this problem is banks extending too much credit to people who wont be able to pay it back. What's the solution? No more credit cards for low income people. If people can't pay their mortgage, then they should not be issued a mortgage. Banks need to be more uptight about who they loan money to, because regular people can't be trusted to balance their own finances. Should the government pay off everyone's loans? Then you are only shifting debt from people to the state, where sovereign debt is already threatening to collapse the global financial system.

There is a healthy dose of irony in people protesting a financial system that loaned them more money than they could responsibly afford to pay back. I'm mad at you bank! You loaned me too much money and I spent it! As @Dfildebrandt wrote on Twitter "If these freeloaders want free tuition, wealth redistribution, big bureaucracy, and earlier retirement, they should #OccupyGreece"

What demands do you expect to see emerge from the Canadian version of Occupy Wallstreet? This will make for a great weekend poll question; your suggestions (and sarcasm) are encouraged. So far possible demands are income redistribution, government pays off everyone's credit card bills, close the Toronto Stock Exchange, more government spending, retirement at age 40, work less get paid more, 3 day work week, minimum guaranteed incomes, arrest George Bush for ordering 9/11 attacks, etc, etc...