One Brick Short Of A Load

Geez, that's gotta suck for Dalton. One short of a majority.

Could it have been due to the bumbling of Sarah Thomson, the "star" candidate for Trinity Spadina who lost thanks to her hilariously terrible "dance-campaigning?"

This woman almost became an MPP, people!!!

Or perhaps due to the failure of Bernie Farber, close friend to the War Room Boss, who thought people would forget about his past commitment to faith-based schools?

Or maybe it was the Liberals down south who couldn't stand against the mighty wind generated by Wind Concerns Ontario?

With a possible second recession looming, Dalton's got less room to maneuver. Already, the media is starting to comment about how alienated the Liberals are from rural regions of the province. The people of Ontario, who turned out in record low numbers for last Thursday's election, are clearly not in the mood for more legislative games, or for a post-election kick to the gonads in the form of another tax hike. If Dalton takes the easy way out and induces one of the opposition MPP's to be the Speaker, or simply gets one of them to cross the floor, he could share the same fate as the last guy who tried something like that. Playing legislative games so that he can continue Moving Forward Together is not going to sit well with the people who just cut his lead.

So it's time for another one of those interesting experiments I like so much. Is Dalton going to tread carefully, or keep marching to his own drummer?