Occupy Protests Prepare Demands

Now that the Occupy Canada protests have begun, we can expect these clowns to start making demands in the near future. Today's poll question; what demand do you most expect to emerge from the Occupy protests? There are plenty of options to choose from. It could be changing the retirement age to 40, or even 25. They could demand bigger government, or they could demand no government at all. Perhaps they want to revive the soviet union? How does a 3 day work week sound to you? Should we shut down our stock exchanges and nationalize the banks? Maybe the government should pay off all your debt? What about guaranteeing every citizen at least $30,000 per year even if they choose not to work?

Have you noticed that the Occupy Wall street people are not protesting Obama's government? Obama has an election coming up soon and how long do you think it will take before the Occupy demands become Obama's election promises? Canada is in a safer position with the Conservatives holding a majority government, with the next election a few years away.