Mosque in Markham, Ontario, Canada with 135 feet high minaret

Sharia creep? Mosque in Markham, Ontario, beside a Catholic School or church. But in Muslim countries Christians are demoralized or killed, churches are razed.

This is an insult.

Frankly, I would not allow mosques to be built until Islam is reformed and Muslim nations pay for the damages and murders, re-construct churches at their costs, and allow Christians to live in peace.

But that's not possible. Hence, mosques will be built in the West, democratic countries. However, they could refuse tall minarets like Switzerland.

And, where does the money come from for the land and building? Wahhab Saudi Arabia, perhaps.

Plans for Markham mosque sparks concern among residents

Another news story that bothered me is that the last Christian Church in Afghanistan was razed, but I didn't read about that in the mainstream media. I heard about it on Mark Levin program last night. He mentioned CNS News.

Not One Christian Church Left in Afghanistan