Hudak Declares War On Unions

Prepare to die, Working Families Coalition.

It is the first time he has said he would consider freezing the pay of the province's more than one million public sector workers. Wages take up 55% of the provincial budget, costing the Ontario government more than $50-billion a year.

A two-year wage freeze would save $2-billion a year.

"We're all in this together and I expect the unions to be responsible," Mr. Hudak said, referring to the province's deficit, which is projected to be $16-billion this year. "The problem is Dalton McGuinty always folds. Over and over again, Dalton McGuinty has thrown down his cards and handed over the chips. We can't afford that anymore."

I think a whole bunch of Principled Conservatives just found their reason to get off the bench.

And I think a whole bunch of Liberal-friendly unions are getting very. Very. FRIGHTENED.

Oh, and just remember, friends: McGuinty cannot be trusted to stand up to these vampires. He will most certainly be beholden to them if he wins.