The Greedy Left

Perhaps you saw this pic:

Given the protests and our times, this is a statement for the ages.

The subtly of deception is some on the left attempting to silence the obvious class warfare attack on capitalism with pacifying comments like greed being the issue, not capitalism.

If this genius does not like cooperate greed, then don't buy their products or services.  The invisible hand of the market should weed greedy companies out and hopefully companies like this will grow and proposer:

The problem is not corporate greed, or excessive pay.  The problem is crony capitalism under girded by a massive spending, debt driven out of control government, oh and their plans to get even fatter with this new health care bill.

The problem is that the success of North America has brought us to think that we can undermine the free market and mandate forced giving under the pretense, "rights and compassion".  This hug-fest has failed.  We are crippled by our debt and inefficiency.  Time to give the reigns back to the free market.  And one more point, if the left is against greed, then they should remove the plank from their eye first.  Greed drives the insatiable need to have and want what is not theirs. Greed drives the left to demand more of what they did not work for, or pay for.  Greed pours out of men and women's hearts to genuinely believe in their heart of hearts that other people forcibly paying the way for others is the best way to work.  This is greed.  So before the marchers scream at greedy corporations, look no further then their positions.  At least corporations earned what they have.