Does The Far Left Represent 99% Of People?

Surely I can't be the only one who finds it ridiculous that the far left are engaging in anti capitalism protests claiming to represent 99% of the population. In reality, the poeple doing this are in the fringes likely representing 5% - 15% of the population. Listen guys, if you want to set up permanent protests in major cities that's your business, but can you please stop claiming to represent 99% of society? Of course now every special interest group is trying to hitch their trailer to the gravy train to raise money.

When the Tea Party started, the left went nutty with homophobic jokes and ridicule. Now they are doing something eerily similar to those they scorned and expect respect or even reverence? Did you just get jealous and want your own party? That's fine, just stop saying that you are the 99% because you're not.