Baby Killing, Lefty Style!

So, the feminists screaming "it's our body, it's our choice" still aren't happy with Canada having NO abortion laws, they want to be able to kill your breathing child. It is legal in Canada to kill a baby as long as it hasn't taken it's first breath. This is a disgusting situation.

Now our judges are taking it one step further. Killing your newborn, breathing baby, and throwing it  into a neighbours yard like a piece of garbage, well that's okay too!

More than six years and two jury trials after 19-year-old Katrina Effert gave birth to a boy in her parents’ basement after a secret pregnancy, strangled him with thong underwear and tossed his body, wrapped in a towel, into a neighbour’s yard in Wetaskiwin, Alta., the Court of Appeal of Alberta last week sentenced her to time served for improper disposal of a body. With a suspended sentence for the infanticide, she is now “a quiet young woman going about her life,” and working in her mother’s hair salon, her lawyer Peter Royal said yesterday.

Imagine if she had strangled a puppy and thrown it away. The outcry would have been deafening. Secret pregnancy? Why not get a taxpayer funded abortion if you didn't want the baby? Feminists will tell you it is your choice, why no outcry that the girl carried the baby to term and then killed it?

"a quiet young woman going about her life"? What about the little baby boy, who was given NO chance to quietly go about his life? We are all horrified when we hear about an abandoned animal, but this woman gets off scott free from killing her live, kicking and breathing baby. I took two poisoned squirrels to an emergency vet clinic hoping they could be saved, and people in the clinic were shocked that someone was poisoning animals.

That little baby boy was just as defenseless as those baby squirrels but feminists, and society in general turn their backs because they do not want to appear politically incorrect. BullSh*t. That baby deserved the right to live. Our judges are out of control. This young lady, who still has her life, should have to pay for the life she killed. She could have had an abortion up until the baby was born, but she didn't, she chose to kill her baby after it was born. She is disgusting, may what she did haunt her all her life.

How can feminists justify her behaviour when abortion is totally unrestricted in Canada? She had no excuse for killing her baby, NONE!