Alison Redford - Pulls Me Back for One More Post


Alison Redford is our new Premier in Alberta.

And it only cost the taxpayers $107 million for her to acquire the votes needed to win the leadership.

Teachers are very happy.

Problem is, however, Alison doesn't actually have a cheque book to the Alberta Treasury, and, at least in theory, we live in a democracy.

In theory - her gift of $107 million to Alberta teachers:

a) Would have to be approved by her party; and
b) Would have to be discussed and approved in the legislature.

But - such is the stuff of the PC Party of Alberta.  The arrogance is stunning.  And the stupid thing is, no doubt, she'll get to do what she wishes with our tax dollars, democracy be damned.  And while the public may feel all warm and fuzzy about the fact that more money is going into education in the Province the reality is that two things the PC Party has been doing over the last decade is funding the hell out of education and health care - so the hyperbole of the ATA aside, there was no need for increased funding.  There's already enough money there.

While Gary Mar might still hold the record for signing taxpayer dollar cheques to supporters on a per capita basis with his generosity to his former executive assistant, on a gross dollar basis, this expenditure of $107 million in taxpayer dollars, without a second of debate or discussion with even her own party, I think is to be admired and respected for it's brazen arrogance and lack of appreciation for the tenuous position our economy is actually in.

But, whatever..  I suppose.  If the Alberta public wishes to maintain a government who has lost any sense of fiscal responsibility, and await the coming apocalypse where out of control spending comes to roost on the backs of our children and grandchildren, that's their prerogative.

The good news?

I finally acquired my handgun I had been discussing some time ago in my blog when after 49 years of "gunless bliss", in response to the Liberal and NDP blind support for the gun registry, I acquired my possession and acquisition license and, this past month, actually acquired my first handgun.

My choice?

The Israeli Weapons Industries "Jericho 941" 9mm semi-automatic:

Works like a dream - and, the people I have met at the range are perhaps the most friendly, down-to-earth and responsible people I've ever met.

Thanks, Michael Ignatieff - for my new sport of choice.