Why Is The Media Lying About The Conservative Campaign Events

Since the start of the election, we have seen one thing consistent. The medias reporting of Conservative rally's attended by PM Stephen Harper. Led by the duo of CBC's Terry Milewski and CTV's Roger Smith, we keep hearing how the PM looks angry, they are running a poor campaign, PM lacks energy, understating attendance numbers, blah, blah, blah.

The problem is this is factually untrue, and both Milewski and Smith know it. I attended the Ajax rally on Thursday. Over 1000 people attended, with the official number being closer to 1300. Packed room, lots of energy, PM was fantastic, lauding the Tory platform, as well as tossing some humour into his speech.

Joanne at Blue Like You attended the Kitchener rally, and reported the same thing. PM full of energy, crowd loved the event, etc. Jean Lapierre mentioned a Quebec rally with record numbers, comparing it to the crowds Mulroney drew in 1988. Other posters on various blogs that have attended Conservative rallies have a similar story.

Yet the ongoing narrative in the media, led by CTV and CBC is how bad the Conservative campaign has been. If one looks at any of the polls, Nanos, Ipsos, Ekos, the Conservatives enjoy a comfortable lead of anywhere between 9-15 points. In my previous post I pointed out Global TV taking the latest Ipsos poll showing a 15 point Conservative lead, and painting it as a sign things were going great for the Liberals and bad for the Conservatives.

So why is the msm being so dishonest? Is it because they want a closer race to get more viewers? Is it the fact their left-wing bias is really starting to show? Or is it a sign of the growing desperation of the three coalition parties, the ones all wearing an engagement ring but denying their plans to wed?
I'm guessing if we did a poll it would be all of the above.