I was a bit annoyed this morning while listening to a woman who works at a parent/child playgroup in town, while she was asking people who they were voting for. Remember, this woman WORKS there - her job is 100% paid for by taxpayer funds through the Province of Alberta. She is also a single parent I have known for years and she receives some subsidies thanks to the tax coffers as well. Through her job, she also gets courses paid for and some travel expenses as well. But today she was asking people who they were voting for, somewhat in idle conversation but none of us were discussing politics before she came into the room, and then she proceeded to say that if anyone was going to vote Conservative, not to even bother going to the polls. Then she gave a little laugh. She went on to say that she thinks our Lib MP candidate, our mayor, would be a good choice. That's fair enough - but she was on the clock, on the job, and discussing politics with CUSTOMERS, and then telling them they should not bother voting unless they are going to go for the Liberal candidate. I found that very wrong. I am sitting in there knowing full well that MY tax dollars help support her job, her home, her food, her son, under a PC provincial govt and currently a Cons federal govt - and she is telling us to vote Liberal. Sorry, but I found that to be totally obnoxious.

What more can she possibly want???????? She gets rent subsidy, school subsidy, food subsidy, and her job is paid for by the current govts in power. All of her coworkers wages are paid in the same manner. It is a govt job through a govt sponsored program. But she is going to stand there and crap all over said-govt is she? Right in front of the patrons? That's just lovely.

Face it lady, you live in a region that heavily votes Cons and PC and so far it seems to be doing just fine for you, is it not? Everything you do in your life right now is paid for by fellow taxpayers under programs set up by these govts that you like to trash on your FB (yes I can see you on there, you forgot to make your page private), and are now trashing right out in public. You get paid even if no one wants this service, even if no one shows up. For most people, life doesnt work that way. You get paid to coordinate a preschool program even if no one signs up for it. What better job could you get, yet you seem quick to diss those who provide that job for you and your son.

Funny that you don't seem to recall trashing that very same man who is now our mayor and Lib candidate for MP..... I do. I remember when you were asking people who they were voting for in the city elections last fall and you raged and complained about the man who eventually won top spot - and here you are now touting him and telling us conservative voters not to bother showing up at the polls. Gee that's lovely! Thanks! Mentally noted.

Oh and if anyone asks if I said any of this to her face, no I did not. I have been battling laryngitis for over 3 weeks and pick and choose what I am going to shred my vocal cords apart for. But I did manage to croak out that whenever a Liberal tries to get me not to vote, it makes me even more determined to put my mark on the paper. Then I smiled a pretty smile and got ready to head to my own job.