Voting Libertarian

Given that the two main parties are merging into an undifferentiated mass of centrist goo, what are the options for the rational voter? The Expenditure Party is going to be in power in the next Parliament as in the last whatever oh-so-boring configuration of majority, minority or coalition is realized – which means more deficits, more debt and lots ’n lots ’n lots more spending.

For the principled few who do not condone this unstoppable cancerous bloat the choices are as follows: vote Conservative as the lesser evil (plus they’re claiming to cut corporate taxes and they support Israel); stay home; spoil the ballot; or vote fringe.

The first three of these are just too passive; they don’t communicate any specific dissent and their executors – disaffected fiscal conservatives, non-voters and spoilers – just end up being ignored.

Then there is this:
Our bottom line spending cuts average 10% annually, for each of the next four years. Last year $57-billion was transferred to other levels of government, an increase of $16-billion in just five years. We would reduce these transfers by 25% each year with the plan to eliminate most transfers in the second mandate. Taxes would decline proportionately after the deficit is eliminated in the first year. We would replace the current maze of complex tax breaks and special favours with a single flat tax. The people who support endless expansion of government may decry this reduction as too rapid, but it would only roll spending levels back to those of 2004, after four years.

Nobody else is talking about cutting government, just as nobody is talking about slashing our corrupt tax code (and certainly not the Conservatives, who continue to add loopholes and giveaways anywhere they think they can scrounge a vote). The Libertarian Party is putting these issues forward. Obviously, they aren’t a government in waiting - but they are a great vehicle for a protest vote.

And fringe voting is actually effective. 10,000 extra votes for a minor party puts them – and their concerns – on the map. The same number of votes for one of the blob parties is nothing.

Hereinbefore, therewith, moreover, heretofore and forthwith, with all good consideration and due diligence owed the first part of the party of the first part and all their encumbrances, and by the power invested in this website, My Conservative Dreamworld endorses voting for the Libertarian Party of Canada as the least futile strategy at this crucial moment in our great nation’s history.