A Quite Funny Look Into The Mind Of A Liberal Supporter...

One of the websites I like to check each day is http://www.electionprediction.org/2009_fed/index.php

I like the fact you can look at each individual riding, including current candidates and margins of victory for past elections. What I really like is people can post comments on each riding, including their prediction of who will win that riding in the 2011 federal election. Living in the riding of Ajax-Pickering, I am hoping for Conservative candidate Chris Alexander to unseat Liberal incumbent Mark Holland. And I came across this gem of a comment posted by someone named Diane, a Liberal supporter. Diane seems to think Alexander is unfit to be an MP in Parliament. Fair enough. But read the comment yourself and tell me what person could be inserted in place of Alexander, and still have her comment make some sense. I'm not sure if this person is partisanly blind or ignorant of the facts concerning the person whose name I bet you guess:

" To be now parachuted into Ajax-Pickering with no Canadian political history and no roots or history to the area, he will not be successful. His knowledge of Afghanistan may be extensive, but Canada is NOT the Country of Afghanistan or Russia for that matter. He may have ideas how Afghanistan may improve as he continues on a Canada wide panel to build support for a ‘new mission’ in Afghanistan Post 2011, which I would suggest he continue on that path as he did declare himself a 'Career Diplomat' upon his graduation from university. His recent comment about 'no poverty in Canada', further confirms his living and being employed outside of Canada from 1993 to 2009 is he's clearly out of touch of Canadian reality. Thanks, But No Thanks