Conservative Candidate Trails by 700 Votes In Guelph Riding.....Election Three Weeks Away

So I did the obligatory post on Elections Canada U of G decision featuring sarcasm, and now it's time to give this situation a serious look. With Elections Canada already deeming the cast ballots to be counted, a decision in record time I might add, the decision made, is to be blunt, complete bullshit.

1. EC admits it wasn't an authorized advanced ballot.
2. Rules were not followed, EC rules at that, in regards to scrutineers.
3. Partisan material was within the ballot box, another EC no-no.
4. Two seals were affixed to one ballot box, the top seal bearing #1030701 and the bottom seal bearing #1030702?

So what exactly is the reason to even have Elections Canada rules? When something occurs outside the bounds of said rules, Elections Canada say it's OK anyway? And we don't even know if those who cast votes at the University of Guelph even met EC's rules for being eligible to vote at that riding's unauthorized poll.

Oops, never mind. Elections Canada. The new Adscam. Where every rule in the book is broken, with Marc Mayrand and his underlings held unaccountable.

Only in Canada. Pity.