Will Jack Layton Be Able to Soldify His Gains?

While the NDP are basking in the glow of their big historic electoral advances over a month ago and are gearing up for their 50th anniversary and convention later this week

They are now the official opposition are whether we want to acknowledge it or not is "a government in waiting"  They are keeping their rookies on a short leash in hopes of solidifying their huge gains. 

Will the NDP be able to  firm up those big gains or are they just a phase in Quebec that will pass?  I don't know, but who knows? .As we all know those folks tend to be fickle. In order to overtake the Conservatives they have to make huge gains in other parts of the country besides Quebec. 

  Another difficulty for Jack to win the big prize is, it seems the country is moving away from wanting  big government  to  come in and solve our every problem.  NDP believe big government should solve every problem in our lives. They would have to move some what  to the right that's for sure.

Jack  also has a caucus conundrum. He has to perform a juggling act.  He has to keep his Quebec caucus happy which is very possible would  tick off his Western caucus  and vise versa at the same time babysitting his daycare caucus.

 Monte Solberg cautions us  that four years from now if the Conservatives really mess up it's a remote possibility you could very well see Jack and Olivia move from Stornoway into 24 Sussex. and take an axe to our economy.
So, we nervously settle on the belief there’s no way in a billion years the NDP could ever be government, and I use “billion years” advisedly because I don’t want to be accused of exaggeration.
But the NDP did make big gains last time because those notoriously sophisticated Quebec voters carefully examined the issues, got to really know the NDP candidates and after deep reflection, voted them in en masse.
As an aside, I note that right after the election the Quebec government fretted publicly that Quebec might be losing its influence in Ottawa. Obviously we all pray it isn’t so, but if it is so, what shocking development could have caused that waning of influence?

 If the Conservatives don’t keep the economy on track, the door opens a crack to the axe-wielding loon who lives below, though to be fair he’s an economic axe murderer with a social conscience.
 Should we take them seriously though? Yeah, I think so. Absolutely nothing should be take for granted.  Stranger things have happened. They have some very dangerous socialist policies and by a fluke come next election, they could take the reins of power and implement that agenda.   At the least we should watch them very closely.