Jack Layton the Rudest MP in Parliament

Jack Layton speaks about civility in parliament but a new civility index conducted by researchers from McMaster University has found him to be the most negative MP. Former MP and Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff scored just slightly ahead of Jack. Not surprising, Conservative MP Rona Ambrose scored as the most positive.
Mr. Layton was deemed most negative, just ahead of former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, while Conservative public works minister Rona Ambrose was considered most positive after the House speaker
Kinda of ironic don't  you think when Jack and his one of his most boistrous rabble rouser's  in caucus Pat Martin vows to be a very civil opposition.
Jack Layton and his caucus will enter Parliament Thursday with a promise to be a very civil Opposition. Even the NDP’s most notorious pitbull, Winnipeg MP Pat Martin, will be passing out buttons reading “Opto Civilitas,” Latin for “I choose civility.”
Let's just hope they keep that promise!