Roque Page Brigette DePape Wants an Arab Spring

The page who disrupted the Throne Speech on Friday has sure been  having her 15 minutes of fame giving interviews all weekend long to the left wing media party even missing her convocation ceremonies yesterday. calling  for an Arab Spring here in Canada and shamefully they egg her on. She like the media party doesn't like the Harper government.

Maybe she should have a chat with some who have been in the Middle East during the protests.  Someone like ABC News reporter Lara Logan who was viciously and violently sexually assaulted right in Egypt's Tahrir Square by a mob of thugs.

In Syria, Arab spring has resulted in more than 1000 of Syrian's own citizens being murdered.  More have been arrested or wounded in many household raids conducted by  evil President Bashar al-Assad's thugs. A13yr old boy  was tortured and killed. His body was mutilated. 

This is only a couple of examples of "Arab spring" There is much more of this violence that isn't being reported.   People in the Middle East are literally dying for a  democracy like ours. That's what I thnk she doesn't get. We are truly blessed.  So what in the heck does she want?

She should be proud and greatful that she lives in a country shes has the freedom to voice her opinion and to peacefully protest any other time and place without any threat to her life but during  the Throne Speech in the Senate was inapprioate.We just had a free and democratic election that those in the Middle East are dying for and if she's not happy about the result, she has a chance in 4yrs if she wants to change it.  Even a former page who left a comment on David Akin's blog is disgusted by her action.
by Sarah on Sun 05 Jun 2011 10:28 PM EDT  | 
As a former parliamentary page (in the House of Commons), I felt completely betrayed Miss DePape's protest.

In order to serve Parliament as a page, one swears an oath to uphold and serve the dignity of Parliament. She swore to serve Parliament in a non-partisan and impartial manner. With her protest, Miss DePape has now betrayed the very Parliament that she swore to serve.

When you put on that uniform, you are representing the institution of parliament itself. It is a privilege and an honour, and if she wasn't willing to live up to the trust that was placed in her she should have resigned her position.

There is a place for protest in our political system, but sullying and dishonouring the reputation of our parliamentary page programs is not the way to participate in it. As a result, Parliamentarians will start distrusting the pages, ensuring none are nearby when they have a politically sensitive conversation, and refusing to trust them to deliver notes and letters to other Parliamentarians.

I have always been so proud of the role that pages play in our political system, and it was an immense honour to have been selected as a page. Representing our Parliament in a neutral and non-partisan manner is a vital requirement for pages.

I am ashamed that another page could do such a thing to dishonour the office of a Parliamentary page. She has let down all former and current pages in Canada.
Sadly Brigette DePape is just one example of  what's being taught in our schools and these kids are our future leaders and it's troubling to say the least. Scary!