Why All These Riots Around the World?

Is this what the world is coming too?   The world seems to be on fire!
Hat Tip to a poster at Calgary Puck forum for a comparison between the Vancouver riot  the other night with riots in Egypt,Libya,and Somalia.  Take a look.  They look pretty similar to me.
Then you have the riots in Greece.over austerity measures.

All this violence has made me think, why all these riots around the world?. The world it seems is becoming a more violent place. The violence seems to be coming at the hands of younger people but why so much more  now than just a few years ago?

I'm going to take a guess.. Not that I'm criticizing all youth, their are some kids out there that are pretty decent kids.Those kids though being mostly more conservatively minded have a really hard time with their profs and their more left wing peers. 

Here it goes, here's my take.  There has been a gradual erosion of a  sense of right and wrong over the years  The youth have lost respect for their fellow man and property  They've grown up with a sense of entitlement without responsibility  and have been brainwashed by left wing teachers and professors.  They simply are detached from the real world.

They spend most of their time online using facebook and twitter which can further disenfranchise them from the real world spending less and less time with their families and doing other things.

  It's time for parents to take charge of their kids again and teach them some  good old fashioned common sense, responsibility. respect and make sure they know the difference between right and wrong.