It Starts NOW!!!

Times have never been so exciting in Alberta politics. For the first time in years we have a real race going on.  The PCs have been in power for 40yrs now and they need to go.  Now they have a real rival. The Wildrose party is a relatively new party and is an honest to goodness real contender.

Alberta's Wildrose party held it's Annual General Meeting over the weekend. The theme was "It Starts Now" They signaled they are ready to take on the PC's who have been in power way too long and have become arrogant,entitled,and in recent years, incompetent and corrupt.  The Progressive Conservative party  have done nothing "conservative" in the few years. Alberta is a mess!  Wildrose is the only real conservative party in Alberta. I believe they are quite capable  to fix the province especially with Danielle Smith who is articulate, smart, credible and who has a lot of great ideas. 

As Wildrose lays out their platform they will be urging voters to give them a chance. She also told delegates that the PC's had their chance even changing leaders won't cut it,  they blew it and it's time for them to go.
She took dead aim at the six Tory candidates vying to replace Ed Stelmach as PC leader and premier, accusing them of being just as responsible for a long record of government failures.
Smith said would-be premiers Alison Redford, Ted Morton, Doug Griffiths, Doug Horner, Gary Mar and Rick Orman are "pretending" to disagree with some of Stelmach's unpopular policies.
They're also pretending to stand up for Albertans, protect land owners and search for real health reforms when, in reality, they're "running away from their own records as fast as they can," she said.
"The uncomfortable truth is this: they all helped create the problems we face today and now they are all pretending they are the ones who can fix it," Smith, flanked by Wildrose candidates, told party members packed into the Telus Convention Centre.
"They had their chance. They blew it. All of them. It's time for them to go.
If I were the PC's I would take Wildrose seriously because the latest poll says Wildrose is in striking distance of the PCs. and we're not even into an election campaign yet when the public pays closer attention.

Yeah the PC's and the media will try to smear Leader Danielle Smith and her party but  it's not going to work.
They saw what happened to the old Reform party now the Conservative party and it's leaders from Preston Manning to Stockwell Day to Stephen Harper.  They will be prepared. 

So to all you small "c" conservatives in Alberta why don't you get on board and help get a real conservative party elected in the next election.  We need change. Wildrose is your only choice. It's time to get to work and yes it starts NOW!!!

PS. Wildrose will scrap the Alberta Human Rights Commission. That alone should be enough to support them.  PCs have no intention of doing anything about the kangaroo courts.