Why Are We Funding Anti-Israel,Pro-Palestinian So Called Charities?

Sun Media has a story out stating that our tax dollars are going to a so called charity group that is really an anti-Israel activist group. Alternatives Canada based out of Montreal, is taking part in a flotilla that will try to run the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza with other left wing radical groups later this spring.
Radicals from this country are organizing to take part in a flotilla that will try to run the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza. A boat from this country is expected to be part of that flotilla in June and one of the main groups involved gets millions of your tax dollars.
 As Lilley states in his column, that  Alternatives Canada are not what they seem much like KAIROS that Minister Bev Oda judiciously cut funding on. . It's an activist group and has received $5 million of our money from the CIDA for the last five years.
The Montreal-based Alternatives, which has received $5 million from the federal government over the last few years, is not what most people think of when they think of an aid group. They don’t feed the hungry or clothe the naked. They are political organizers.

From NGO Monitor,an organization that keeps NGOs accountable says this about Alternatives Canada,
  • Engages in a wide variety of highly unbalanced and politicized activities both within Canada and abroad. Outside Canada, the NGO has partnerships and funded projects, including projects based in the Palestinian Territories.
  • Domestic advocacy is unceasingly critical of Israel even as it downplays Palestinian human rights abuses and ignores Palestinian terrorism.

    Lilley gave a good synopsis on his show,Byline last night. It's worth watching.Eric Duhaime gives insight to what they're really up to.   Minister Oda did the right thing in defunding KAIROS. Now she can take the axe to radical left wing groups like  Alternatives Canada and other's who may not be what they seem.

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    His support for Israel never waivers and it's nice to see his influence on the international stage!  Makes me proud to be Canadian.