Election Day

*Just to be clear, i am NOT posting results from today. I am posting the results of previous elections in my local riding so that I have them ready to go when the official results are revealed later today.

to recap a previous post, my local mayor, newly re-elected about 6 months ago, left his post in order to run as the LIBERAL candidate in my highly highly HIGHLY 'conservative' city. Fancy that, our mayor was a closet liberal alllll these years. Anyway, I wanted to post results from previous elections so that I can come back to update this later and post the current results (when it's legal to do so).

Last Federal election:
Con MP: 26, 949 votes
NDP  4, 187 votes
Lib:   2, 540 votes (ouch)
Green 2,338 votes.

2006 General Election:
Con MP: over 35,000 votes
 Lib: 3,737 votes.

2004 % totals:
Con: over 60%
Liberals:  less than 25%.

You get the idea. I am curious to see what numbers pop up with a more well-known person running in the Liberal spot, none other than our Mayor (taking an unpaid LOA), and former Police Chief in our city to boot. Let's see if he can manage to increase liberal support in the city (keeping in mind most of these voters have never marked an X beside the term Liberal in their entire lives), or if some will cave in thinking he will be a better rep for the city despite the party banner, or if he will get hosed and have his dignity slammed to the ground. But don't worry, he will be going back to his post as mayor and things will go on as normal (hmmmm really??). 
Update: 2011 Election
My locality:
Conservative MP: 30,720
NDP: 5,616
Liberal (our current Mayor): 4,420
Green: 1,859

So, I will give him a small gain in the usual totals, but he had 7366 vote him in as Mayor 6 months ago. Oopsy, I guess he didn't get as many as he thought he would. Reminder that he only won by 2% in the mayoral race (2nd place had 6923 votes).