Gene Simmons, Israel, Obama

*the video doesnt seem to want to load on my page, so GO HERE to see it.

hat tip to Hot Air Pundit for the vid.

Make mental note of Mr Simmons saying he voted for Obama. I like Gene, but I have seen him make comments in the past about anti-Obama people and suggesting that they were being unfair... okay so now it's time for Gene to come out and complain that Obama is an 'idealist'? That's what those anti-Obama people said right from day one, providing endless lists of reasons why Obama and his ideals should not be allowed in the White House - but they were ignored. And yet bit by bit, little by little, big names are coming out against Obama for the very same things everyone else warned about from the start - BEFORE the election, and yet these big names plead ignorance. *sigh*. I guess it's a good thing that they are coming out of the corners and speaking out, but it seems too little too late.

Still, I liked this clip because when I read about Obama's words regarding Israel returning to pre-1967 borders on Thursday, my mouth hung wide open. It shocked me.... especially with Benjamin coming the very next day for a visit....