Real Life

This mother's day weekend, I am thinking of three women facing impossible pain. One, a young single mom diagnosed with Stage 4+ bowel cancer a month ago, and now lung cancer this week. Her prognosis is not good right now, perhaps maybe a month left. I can barely think about it.

Next, a mom watching her 5 month old baby go through chemo for his SECOND bout with cancer since birth. He underwent a blood transfusion tonight after his second round of chemo. He is doing well, but he is so young.

And a mom who's 10 year old daughter is dying. After being born with multiple medical issues, this little girl surpassed the odds and lived twice as long, or more, than first imagined. Her family fought hard to get her treatments in the US, but now it seems that everything has come to an end and nothing more can be done. This will probably be their last Mother's Day together.

I am heart sick about these three families from my city. Two live elsewhere now, but their families and friends are still here and everyone is praying and hoping for miracles but sometimes you have to force yourself to face reality as well.

For those moms, please take a moment to think of them - Stacy, Misty, and Tammy. Just spare a thought for them and their children during those most difficult and gut-wrenchingly painful times. I am blessed to be able to spend another Mother's Day with my mom, but I will be thinking of the others who's hearts are breaking this weekend.