This Conservative's View: Jack Layton - A Worthy Example for All of Us

As we have all now seen too clearly this week, Jack Layton is fighting right now for his life.

And when we see someone who has worked so hard, in his way, to make Canada a better place go through that fight, partisan interests must take a back seat to our humanity and our appreciation that in Jack Layton we see an example of what's right in democracy.

I alluded yesterday to the fundamental cowardice of terrorists, who, frustrated that their ideas are not broadly accepted, and frustrated that their view of necessary change is not coming to fruition, resort to indiscriminate violence to press their views.

Then there are people like Jack Layton.

He has his own vision of change.  And he has passionately pressed that view peacefully using the cumbersome and frustrating tool of "democracy" to seek that change.

And it hasn't happened - and likely never will.

But rather than diminish his efforts, the reality that the NDP will likely never be able to form a government in Canada makes his efforts all the more noteworthy.

Because rather than succumb to the frustration, to be sure, of watching Canada and much of the world move towards more conservative ideals - he pushes on.  Even as his own health falters, he pushes on.

He doesn't encourage riots and violence against the bastions of capitalism, during meetings of the G20.

He continues to press for acceptance of his views through democratic means - which is as it should be in a free and democratic system. 

The example of grace under pressure right now on the part of Jack Layton is so starkly contrasted with the childish and cowardly efforts of a recent terrorist who will no longer be named on this blog, because unlike Jack Layton, he doesn't deserve more attention.

Do I agree  the political goals of Jack Layton and the NDP?  Not on your life.

Do I respect the manner in which they persevere against all odds to press their views in a peaceful and democratic manner.  You bet your ass.

And for that, I commend Jack Layton, and extend my prayers, and I suspect, the prayers of all Canadians join me in wishing him success in his current battle - a battle I have just this past year watched my own father engage in..  and just as I admire my father for his quiet strength in the face of such a fight, so to do I extend my admiration for Jack Layton.

Best wishes, Jack.