Curious about the Selective Curiosity Regarding Right-Wing Terrorist

Only the most ignorant and psychotic can have any feelings other than outrage and disgust over the killings last week in Oslo.

No question.

And for those of us on the right side of politics, it behooves us to be wary of those who would seek to identify with some of our goals or concerns, and bastardize those into a psychotic justification to use violence against others in the effort to achieve those goals.

There is no more dangerous enemy than the enemy among us.


That being said - I have some curiosity over the driving curiosity of the press and the liberal blogging world into the "influences" on this latest terrorist act. 

In particular, Big City Liberal has been obsessed of late with trying to identify the people the terrorist in Oslo claims as his influences.  Not to suggest, for a moment, that the examination of the cause of this violence isn't completely appropriate - but if you search his archives for things like Taliban and Al Qaeda, there is a curious lack of curiosity about what motivates Islamic terrorists - particularly as compared to his insatiable curiosity over the source of this most recent act.

So I was curious - and posted the following comment on his blog:
Just curious BCL.
You have an impressive drive to try and root out the influences which lead idiot to an act of psychotic violence.
To be sure - the need to protect innocents from the acts of any terrorist is a worthy effort - particularly when almost 80 people are murdered in support of a "cause".
And yet.
As I search your archives, I don't see anything close to that curiosity in wondering about the sort of people who influenced:
  • - the attacks on September 11,2001 killing 3000 people;
  • - the people who influenced the attacks in Mumbai in 2008 killing 164 and wounding 308
  • - the U.S. Embassy bombings in east Africa where over 200 people were murdered and over 4000 were wounded
  • - the Beslan school massacre in 2004 where over 380 people died, including 176 children;
  • - the 2007 Yazdi suicide bombings in Iraq where 796 people were killed and 1,562 people were wounded;
  • - the Cinema Rex fire attack in 1978 in Abadan, Iran, killing over 400 individuals;
  • - the 1998 Lockerbie bombings where 270 people were killed.
  • - and so on, and so on, and so on..
Should we be concerned over what brought about the Oslo killings?  You bet your ass..  but it seems to me we might.. and I'm just spit-balling here.. we MIGHT want to also consider that MAYBE.. just MAYBE we might want to wonder about what brought about the killings of the other few thousand people in the past few decades.