It's the law

Unless you just don't care. CBC reports on suspended drivers leaving the courthouse . . . in their cars. Apparently there are over 250,000 suspended drivers in Ontario. According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) about 75% of them are driving anyway.

And why not? There's too many to lock up. And besides, it wouldn't be the Canadian way. Certainly an object lesson for those, like Mohawks and polygamists, who are on a collision course with the law as currently constituted. If you dig in your heels, you'll probably win. It's surprising that dope smokers haven't picked up on this and started smoking flagrantly in public; well, more flagrantly. Maybe they're a little zoned out. One or two mass toke-athons this summer would probably be enough to break the back of criminalization, if anybody could be bothered to organize them.

But on the other hand Canadians are naturally so law-abiding that maybe the absence of enforcement doesn't really matter. As long as the ranks of the obstreporous don't swell too quickly we'll probably be ok.