John Ivison in today’s National Post is critical of the government’s decision to take a stake in Chrysler, citing an estimate that the cost is going to be $200K per job saved – or saved for the moment, since the odds are that Chrysler will eventually go under anyway. But the best part of the column is at the end, where JI takes a sideways swipe at Canada’s Unnatural Governing Party.
The Conservatives have now veered so far from the good graces of many of their core supporters that they may never recover. That's not to say they will defect to the Liberals, but it may be that in the coming months, contributions to Conservative coffers start to dwindle and there is less enthusiasm to turn out at election time.

Mr. Harper has shown himself to be a pragmatist without parallel in recent weeks -- which is not necessarily a pejorative term. But leaders must deal in hope, and the hope for many Conservatives is that they live in a country that rewards exceptionalism.

The partial nationalization of a dying company couldn't be further from those hopes.