Random notes

Crime and non-punishment: How can prisoners improve their chances of getting back into the community? Being psychopathic seems to help. UBC psychologist Steve Porter found that in a sample of 310 prisoners those classed as psychopaths were two and a half times more likely to get early release. These offenders are typically more dangerous than ordinary parolees, and therapy may make them more dangerous still by teaching them more effectively how to pretend to be rehabilitated. Your correctional system at work.

More on fraud watch: Ontario lottery “insiders” won at least $198 million in prizes over the last 13 years. This would not even be a rounding error on Wall Street, but it is still kind of sad that so many hapless dreamers have been getting clipped for so long. The estimate, by Deloitte & Touche, is double what the foot-dragging OLG had previously estimated. Your Lottery Corporation at work.

Not getting it: Back to real fraud. The National Post’s own Pap Daffy sounds off about the Obama crackdown on executive compensation. “It’s a bad time for an exodus of talent.” Caps on executive pay will drive top talent from Wall Street at a time when they are needed most. While this site takes the view that executive pay is basically a matter for managers and shareholders to settle between themselves, in this case the government actually is a shareholder. Since they’re recapitalizing the financial loonie bins that used to be called banks they really are entitled to say how the asylums are going to be run. As for “talent” what in the world does this mean? The ability to single-handedly destroy more wealth than Hurricane Andrew? And where is all this amazing “talent” going to go anyway? The NBA?