Never Trust the New York Times

By amusing coincidence, I happened to be reviewing the recent Czech legislative election results which will in all likelihood lead to a centre-right coalition taking power with a decrease seen by all the parties of the left; Green, Communist and Social Democratic PartyAnd then I happened on an article in the New York Times talking about the increasing power of the Communist party in the Czech

Canadians Didn't Buy the H1N1 Hype

A recent report shows that even in Toronto, Canadians generally didn't buy the H1N1 hype, and wisely chose to ignore the hysteria and go about their normal lives. I've always felt that the H1N1 hysteria was overblown and that people who bought into it were worrying themselves sick over nothing. I can recall the media breathlessly reporting that this could be the Black Plague of our times.

Brain Drain to Canada?

Wait! Stop! No!This doesn't fit our neat narrative of the Harper government hating science!